Runtime C++ Editing

Stop waiting, start Recoding

Save time with Recode

Recode is a new tool for Visual Studio that allows you to update C++ at runtime. Specifically designed for the needs of large software projects such as games and desktop applications to improve iteration times, reduce stress and make coding enjoyable again.


Recode lets you edit and debug code at runtime without the limitations imposed by other approaches. 64-bit, 32-bit, templates, inline code - it's all supported! You can even update multiple-processes at the same time. Recode gives you the turnaround time of scripting with the native performance of C++.


Ever get stuck debugging optimized code because of missing information or inlined functions? Recode lets you deoptimize code at runtime so you can debug and edit your code with all the information at your fingertips. You can even reoptimize your code when you're done.


Avoid rebuilding and restarting just because of an unchecked null pointer access. With Recode you can fix it and many common code errors at runtime and continue where you left off.


Easy Integration