Recode Multiple Processes

Recode supports updating multiple processes concurrently. This is especially useful for development of multiplayer games since it avoids having to close, build, restart and reconnect multiple instance after each change.

How to Recode multiple processes


Recode can support updating multiple processes debugged from one VS instance or multiple VS instances sharing the same solution.

  1. Build your solution with Recode enabled.

  2. Launch a new process in the debugger (or attach).

  3. Launch additional processes to debug in the same VS instance or a new one (using the same solution).

  4. Edit code in any VS instance.

  5. Press Recode in any VS instance - all VS instances will save their changes.


All debugged instances must be started together and have the same Recode patches applied. You cannot Recode a new process instance once other debugged processes have already had Recode patches applied.