Quick Start

This quick start guide is to get you up and running with Recode as fast as possible. This may be all you need to get started, but there are links to other sections of this documentation if you need more detailed information.

Using Recode

  1. Ensure Recode is installed.

  2. Open the solution you want to Recode.

  3. Build the solution (preferably with incremental linking enabled).

  4. Start your process in the debugger (F5).

  5. Find a frequently called function in the code and insert a new logging call.

  6. Start Recode (found under the Recode menu, Debug toolbar or via Shift+F10).

  7. Once Recode completes you should see the Recode success notification popup:

  8. If everything worked, your logging call should writing to your log output.

  9. Insert a breakpoint in the modified function to check the updated code is being called.

Congratulations! That’s it. If you want to learn more read usage.

If something went wrong, check the build settings. You can also read code troubleshooting for resolving unsupported code. Finally, if you need direct support, contact support@indefiant.com